FIA WEC 4 Hours of Shanghai


Much like the city it resides in, the Shanghai International Circuit is a wonderful combination of the traditional and the modern. Designed to showcase Shanghai's splendour to the world, authorities spared no expense in creating this modern track housed in stunning contemporary architecture. The track itself is inspired by Chinese culture, with the designers drawing inspiration from the Chinese ‘shang' symbol (meaning ‘high' or ‘above').

With an overall length of 5.451 m, the track includes 7 left and 7 right turns. The longest straight runs parallel to the Dragster track between the turns T 13 and T 14 and has a length of 1.175 m. The standard width of the track is between 13 m and 15 m, in turns it expands up to 20 m (turn T 13). Further unique characteristics of the track layout are turns with snail-like narrowing (turn T 1 to T 3), turns with snail-like expansion (turn T 10 to T 12) and two pointed turns (turn T 5 and turn T 13).

With its highly technical low speed sections, winding turns and exceptional high-speed straights, Shanghai International Circuit offers a thrilling spectator experience through challenging and intense racing opportunities.

Shanghai International Circuit

First Race:
Lap Distance:
5.451 km
Number of Laps:
Race Distance:
-1.0 km

Shanghai International Circuit

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