Ready to Watch Some Racing? Let's Run Over a Couple of Pointers

Getting to the Circuit

There are usually a number of different ways to reach the circuit, and each circuit will have its own rules and restrictions in place over the weekend. For specific circuit information check the 'Race Weekend Travel & Parking' section under your event. However, the following are common options that are available:

Whichever option you choose, keep in mind that a very large number of people will be leaving after the race so it can be worth staying on to allow any congestion to calm or, if you do leave immediately, allow a generous amount of time for your exit.

The Weather

Mother nature can be unforgiving, so always check the weather forecast before you set out each day. Some grandstands provide covers, but this is no guarantee of protection from the sun or rain so dress appropriately. In hot weather it's particularly important to bring hats, sunglasses, and sun cream for your protection, as well as staying hydrated by drinking water.

The rain can be great for the action on-track but make sure you bring waterproofs to stay comfortable and dry. You can bring umbrellas but please be aware it's not practical (and sometimes forbidden) to put them up in a grandstand. Even if rain is not forecast, it can be worth bringing a mac or poncho in your bag in most climates, just in case showers.


As well as dressing for the weather, wear clothing that is comfortable. You may end up doing a reasonable amount of walking over the weekend both getting to the circuit and within the grounds so an appropriate pair of shoes can be essential.

If you're staying at the circuit into the late afternoon or evening, the temperature may start to drop so consider taking a jumper or jacket in case you need it. The same also applies to spectators sitting in higher rows in grandstands, as there may be more of a windchill up top.

Some hospitality areas have some level of dress code, but for most spectators, you're welcome to dress as you wish.

Food and Drink

Every circuit offers food and drink, albeit often at higher prices. The food on offer varies greatly between circuits but generally is in the form of mobile catering vans. Most circuits don't have a problem with you bringing your own refreshments, but some are not keen on spectators bringing their own alcohol. Generally, if you intend to bring alcohol then try to avoid bringing glass bottles and only take what you need, but it does come down to individual circuit discretion.

As food and drink policies can vary significantly between circuits, please double-check if you have any specific queries for the event you are attending.

Photography and Video

All circuits prohibit the use of photography and video equipment for anything other than personal use and enjoyment, as there are legal and copyright issues surrounding it. With this in mind, we recommend you avoid bringing larger, professional-level equipment as this can sometimes raise questions regarding its usage and in extreme cases may prohibit entry. This particularly applies to large telescopic lenses, which can also inhibit the view of other spectators in grandstands.

If you're just taking personal photos using smartphones or standard cameras, then you should be absolutely fine.


If you're in a grandstand (and usually hospitality) then seating is reserved and not a problem. However, if you have a general admission ticket, then some spectators like to bring their own seats and 'set up camp' for the day. If you haven't been to a circuit before then it's worth checking their policy; most are fine with this as long as the seating you bring is portable e.g. fold-up camping stools.

We also recommend general admission ticket holders think ahead about their position on race day. It can get very busy for the main race, so if you're at the circuit on the previous days, it can be worth having a scout and choosing your spot for the race. Either way, getting there early for the race day can help you to secure a more advantageous view as the most popular areas can fill up quickly.


Ear plugs are a welcome extra for many spectators - motor racing is loud and the continuous roar of engines can be tough on the ears. Ticket lanyards with wallets are also useful for keeping your ticket safe around your neck and saves having to repeatedly take your ticket in and out of your pocket as you enter/exit security points.

Check out the 'Merchandise & Gifts' section of the shop under each race, which includes useful extras such as ear plugs and ticket lanyards to help make the race day even more enjoyable.

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