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Affiliate Scheme

The affiliate scheme lets you earn money by driving potential customers to our site.

It really is simple. If you have a fan website or similar, then you provide special links on your website to pages. If one of your website visitors follows that link and makes a purchase with us, you earn commission!

  • It's free to join
  • One application gives you affiliate access to,, and
  • The average affiliate commission for a booking is over £13.00
  • You receive your payments monthly
  • Earn commission for up to 30 days between your referral and the customer order
  • Live online tracking of your performance and commission

Other Partnerships

If you are a company or provider and are looking to place a large order and/or regular orders, then please contact us directly to discuss your needs.

Affiliate Scheme Application

To apply to join the scheme please fill in the form below and once we have reviewed your application, we will send you further details about taking part in the scheme.

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